How it Works

Step 1: Select your vehicle

View our website and select the vehicle you are interested in buying. Keep in mind which country/port you want the vehicle shipping to.

Step 2: Contact us

Our sales people are here to help and can be contacted by either phone or email. They will give you more information on the vehicle and the shipping procedure.

Step 3: Pay for the vehicle

After you have agreed on the price and shipping details, our sales team will email you a proforma invoice with all of our bank details. Once you have paid in full, we will arrange to deliver your truck to any Irish or UK port, to be shipped on the next available vessel to the destination of your choice.

Step 4: We’ll send your documents by post

Approximately a week after the ship containing your truck departs, we will send you all of the documents you will need to collect and register the vehicle. The documents will be sent via DHL tracked service and we will forward you the tracking number via email.

Step 5: Vehicle collection

You will need to arrange customs clearance and vehicle collection once the vehicle arrives at your chosen destination. You can do this by appointing a clearing agent in your country.


Once you have agreed on the price with our sales team, they will send you a pro-forma invoice including all of the costs. You will need to pay for the vehicle in full before we ship it to you. The most common way of paying is by bank/wire transfer. Once you’ve made the transaction please send the proof of payment to us via email so we can start preparing your vehicle(s) for transport.
We accept all major debit and credit cards – fees apply.

Deposits of €500 can be accepted by telephone with no fees, but larger amounts need to be paid with the cardholder present.

Vehicle Registration

We can reserve any vehicle for a maximum of 4 weeks with just a small deposit. Please contact our sales team and they will be happy to give you more information on the reservation procedure.

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